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Botswana and South Africa

Botswana is Mother Nature's greatest theater: an epic performance of wild drama on a truly breathtaking scale. Rain writes the script, perennially transforming the dusty red desert into lush swamps, immense floodplains, and vibrant savannas. Hippos cover entire riverbeds, hundreds of elephants arrive on cue, and majestic big cats deliver chilling theatrics.

Botswana, The Fairest Cape & South Africa

The Okavango Delta is the closest thing to Eden left on our planet. Its champagne-colored rivers, papyrus-choked reed beds, and lily-covered lagoons represent one of the largest wetland wilderness corners in the world – a place where classic African wildlife thrives unmolested and the safari experience is second to none.The Delta experiences floods of biblical proportions and is a byword for bountiful.

The Kalahari Desert, the largest unbroken stretch of sand on the planet, is not your ordinary desert. From the salt pans of Makgadikgadi, the baobabs of Nxai Pans, and north to the desolate magnificence of Kubu Island, to the magical wildlife of Kgalagadi in the south, this is a desert of exceptional variety.

Chobe National Park is where elephants tower. Famed for its enormous elephant population, Chobe, Botswana's oldest park, is the size of a small country! The park encompasses three areas that all carry a whiff of safari legend: Savuti, Chobe Riverfront and the Okavango-like Linyanti Marshes. Chobe has everything from campgrounds for self-drivers to luxury, fly-in lodges and tented camps.

Sir Francis Drake described Cape Town as the 'most stately thing and fairest cape', on earth. The peninsula's natural beauty with pristine shores, dappled forests and imposing views of the Table Mountain remain undiminished to this day. Its surroundings offer scenic trekking, great white shark & whale encounters and excursions for the oenophiles, and let's not forget the food and the pulsating nightlife. You will fall in love instantly.

Home to some of the widest diversity of wildlife in South Africa delivering some of the finest game viewings in Africa, Kruger Park boasts nearly guaranteed Big 5 game drives and international award-winning high luxe accommodation.

For exclusivity, low visitor numbers and truly sensational game viewing, a safari in Kruger's private reserves including the Sabi Sands, Thornybush, Timbavati Game Reserves, and Singita's concessions lead the pack in ultra luxury safaris. To visit Kruger is the closest one gets to feeling like royalty.

Then an extraordinary adventure awaits when you chug out on one of the world's greatest train journeys on Rovos Rail with lavish sleeping cars enjoying haute-cuisine and fine wines along the way. Rovos offers a multitude of destination choices.


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People, food and culture

The Northwestern Province of the Republic of South Africa and Botswana is inhabited by the Tswana tribe, a group that believes in working together and being united, and are a part of a bigger circle of tribes that are all guided by the Tswana culture. South African food history shows that the San people enjoyed a surprisingly varied menu of edible roots, leaves, plants, berries and nuts. One of Nelson Mandela’s favourites was the Umngqusho, made with broken dried maize kernels, vegetables, and local spices. Another popular item in Southern Africa is Vetkoek or fried dough bread that is eaten best with honey or jam; so delicious that they can be an entire meal! For all the meat lovers, Botswana prides itself in its traditional meat dish Seswaa which is served with a side of porridge.

  • Languages spoken:

    Setswana, Africans, English

  • Fun Fact

    In Botswana, foreigners are called “lekgoa” which literally translates to ‘spat out by the sea’

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    Get the unique opportunity to embark on one of the world’s most extravagant train journeys

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